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Top Beverage and Food Trends in 2023

There is no doubt that the terpene-infused food and beverage manufacturing industry will experience rapid growth in 2023. New trends are already starting to emerge, which companies in Europe may be able to take advantage of to grow. This article highlights several of the top beverage and food trends of 2023 to shed light on the industry’s path moving forward.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are fragrant oils found in a wide variety of plants including conifers, citrus, mint, and hemp. These hydrocarbons are produced by these plants for natural defense mechanisms as well as for attracting pollinators. 

Terpenes have diverse chemical structures with an array of aromas ranging from citrus to musk. Due to their aromatic nature, terpenes are also a key component used in fragrance and flavor ingredients across many industries. The therapeutic benefits that terpenes have on the body have been studied and better understood over time, making them even more valuable to many industries. 

Terpene-Infused Drinks and Foods Are Here

As laws across countries soften and clarify their stance on hemp terpene products, citizens will be able to enjoy food & drinks infused with this plant-based compound like never before. 

However, for companies wanting to offer hemp terpene-infused foods or beverages, sourcing these ingredients can be a challenge. Industry experts predict that the terpene-infused food and beverage market will grow by over 25% over the next decade.

The good news is that suppliers like Sequoya are rising to the occasion by providing high-quality hemp terpenes for consumer products. These are the primary industries to watch: 

Terpene-Infused Sweets

Terpene-infused sweets offer consumers a tasty and healthy way to snack. With the goal of providing an extra unique boost of flavor, these pure extracts are perfect for any dessert treat, including cakes, cookies and candies that hit all the right spots. These unique snacks are sure to take snacking to a whole new level.

Natural or Organic Consumer Products

Terpene-infused natural and organic products have been on the rise. This is because terpenes are derived from 100% natural sources, offering an untapped flavor and aromatic profile, consuming hemp in this manner can bring a unique sense of holistic wellness to the user. 

Terpene-Infused Alcohol Products

Terpene-infused alcohol products might be the boldest innovation in cocktails since mixology itself. Infusing liquors and elixirs with hemp terpenes opens the door to a world full of previously unimaginable taste combinations that tantalize the taste buds and put the products on a higher shelf. 

Spa / Wellness Products

Massage oils, face creams, and body scrubs are all wonderful additions to any self-care routine. And now, with terpene-infused spa and wellness products, users can experience pampering at the highest level. Packed with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to natural hemp terpenes extracts, these favorite beauty treatments can have a major aromatic upgrade.  

Cultivated Meat is Arriving

We’re also seeing major European government organizations approve the use of cultivated meat products. It suggests that once the technology has fully arrived, it won’t be long before cultivated meat products become a staple in grocery stores across the planet.

Upcycled Food is a Growing Movement

Foods with upcycled ingredients saw a growth of 122% through 2021. These products use ingredients that would’ve otherwise gone to waste.

Across Europe, it is estimated that as much as 10% of food may go to waste annually, a growing concern among consumers. In 2023, it is possible that products with upcycled-certified labels outperform those without them.

Functional Foods Are Thriving

Europeans, in particular, have a high level of awareness about what they eat and drink. This has driven considerable growth in functional food products, which provide nourishment in addition to key nutrients that help the body thrive.

A growing number of consumers are becoming health-conscious. Packaging products in a way that appeals to this increasing demand may be another to stand out in the food and beverage industry in 2023 and beyond.

Sequoya is the Global Leader for The Highest Quality Hemp Terpene Extracts In Europe

When planning for the future of any kind of menu, keep in mind that customers are looking for unique and innovative flavors. Terpene-infused drinks and foods are a trend on the rise, and Sequoya is the global leader in the highest quality hemp terpene extracts. By harnessing cutting-edge extraction techniques, Sequoya reigns supreme in providing European companies with the highest quality of hemp terpene extracts. These remarkable standards guarantee only the best. And that’s what sets Sequoya apart. 

By incorporating these trending ingredients into products, companies can create unique offerings that will wow customers and have them coming back for more. Contact Sequoya today to get started customizing food and beverage products with our world-class ingredients.

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