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What is a crypto wallet and how to use it?

Crypto wallets are meant to be wallets that work just like online bank accounts for your cryptocurrencies, but with some key differences: Cryptocurrency wallets are not supported by any government deposit schemes, they can store cryptocurrencies only and importantly, you can keep your funds under your control. In addition, there exist non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets, such as Rainbow Wallet, MetaMask, or Trust Wallet, a term given to them, that are considered separate from your accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges. So, if you are planning to trade or mine Bitcoin, then you may visit

However, if you place money on any crypto exchange, those companies are completely in control of your cryptocurrency, including Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken. But whenever you move your crypto to a non-custodial wallet, you can keep the keys to your wallet with you.

How to pick crypto wallet?

Generally, it is very important to have different wallets for different blockchains. Here if we talk about Metamask, it is one of the most popular wallets, Binance Smart Chain, which plays a vital role in supporting some networks including Ethereum, Polygon (MATIC), and Avalanche. Although MetaMask does not support Bitcoin or Solana, other options support Bitcoin, including Trust Wallet. However, NFT support is also an option that should be looked into. Most of the wallets are those that natively support alternative tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Whenever you consider choosing a wallet, you need to pay more attention to which wallets are recommended by the coin community. On the other hand, if we talk about Solana’s community champions Phantom and SoulFlare, it is generally able to praise Monero Cake Wallet.

How to set up a crypto wallet?

When it comes to setting up a crypto wallet, it only takes a few minutes set up. Plus, if you get started with MetaMask, all you need to do is install a browser extension on your phone or download an app. Once this process is done, MetaMask allows you to set a password in that downloaded app, name your wallet, then type in your secret phrase. Once this process is complete, you will be able to send or receive money using the Wallet. To find out about your wallet, click on the name of the wallet and it is copied to your clipboard by MetaMask. However other wallets also involve almost similar setup procedures.

Hardware wallet

Given earlier is a survey of popular web wallets, which are called “hot wallets”, as an internet connection is required to use them. Hardware wallets are also called “cold wallets”, although there are also physical devices such as USB sticks that can be plugged into computers and connected to the Internet only when docked. They are a bit cumbersome, which makes an AC likely one that keeps it more secure, Trezor and Ledger are two popular brands that can be used. Unlike hot wallets, you can buy these hardware wallets from official suppliers. Plus, it can be incredibly risky if you buy them from a non-trusted or second-hand supplier, as there is a possibility of things like malware, faulty, or tampering with the device at any point in time.

While cold wallets are considered the best place to store crypto securely, this wallet cannot be hacked as it is completely offline and at the same time does not pose much risk: In addition, if the physical drive or private key is lost, up to crypto possible to get access. Because there is no back button or any password reset feature of any kind. However, it is not just new crypto users who are wrong to forget their passwords. Stephen Thomas, a Ripple Labs tech executive, admitted last year that he had forgotten the password for his crypto wallet, which contained close to 7,000 bitcoins.

Disclaimer: Crypto information is educational, not financial advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries risks. Exercise caution and seek professional guidance when needed.

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