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Who is the AIA shirt sponsor for Tottenham?

Sponsorships have become such a common sight on football uniforms that we hardly give them a second thought. We are used to seeing partner names everywhere in world football, as clubs can have up to three sponsors on their shirt at once (back, front, and sleeve).

Define AIA

As a team, Tottenham has gotten along well with AIA, but who are they and what do they do, exactly? After working with AIA for close to seven years, Tottenham has decided to extend its partnership with the insurance provider.

AIA is a Shanghai- and Hong Kong-based life insurance conglomerate serving Asia and beyond. American International Assurance Company, Limited is what its name stands for. AIA has offices in 18 different countries. Some of these nations are Thailand, Singapore, China, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

AIA may trace its roots back to China, when the American Asiatic Underwriters organization was established. Cornelius Vander Starr, the company’s namesake and founder, was a businessman who worked for the OSS in China during World War II.

Vander Starr founded the insurance company for the sole purpose of empowering Asian families to practice fiscal responsibility in their care of their loved ones. He was confident that the continent’s inhabitants shared his vision and that their relationship would flourish as a result.

The aims of AIA

In addition to its core business as an insurance provider across the Asia-Pacific region, AIA works to encourage healthy lifestyles and recognizes those who make positive strides in this direction through its many incentive programs.

AIA advocates for holistic health and community involvement as a means of achieving corporate social responsibility. To further this goal, AIA hosts public marathons, football training programs, and provides general health support and guidance.

When compared to other life insurance companies, AIA is light years ahead of the competition, not just in the Asia-Pacific region but globally. Many have cited their close relationship with the people they help as the primary reason for their worldwide success.

The AIA and Tottenham

Since 2013, the AIA group has been the jersey sponsor of the London club Tottenham, and they have just renewed their contract through 2027. Since the life insurance company started backing the team, they have had one of their most successful stretches ever, with multiple top-four Premier League finishes and a trip to the final of the European Champion’s League.

Tottenham has become one of the most popular clubs in Asia as a result of this agreement and the sport’s meteoric rise in popularity there in recent years. The club backs AIA’s football initiatives to help young Africans discover and hone their skills.

Tottenham’s Global Football Development coaching team has been headquartered in Asia since May 2017, further strengthening the mutually beneficial nature of the connection between the two parties. The coaches’ duties include scouting for and developing homegrown talent, as well as raising awareness for AIA’s health and wellness programs.

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