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At the funeral for her ex-husband, Caleb Willingham, 1000-pound Sisters star Tammy Slaton weeps openly

Tammy Slaton, actress of the Netflix series 1000 Pound Sisters, appeared distraught in images taken at the funeral for her estranged husband, Caleb Willingham.

Intimate family and friends of the former TLC singer gathered to commemorate the life of her November 2022 husband, her longtime boyfriend. The 37-year-old actress was photographed in a short black dress and wiping her eyes with a tissue as she held a bouquet of bright, colorful flowers for her estranged spouse over one month after his death.
Caleb’s ex-wife Tammy organized a small, intimate funeral service for him, which took place at twilight a few minutes from her home in Kentucky. Photos obtained by the U.S. Sun show reality TV star Tammy seated next to her encouraging sister Amy at the poignant celebration of life held just three days after the diva’s 37th birthday.

At the beginning of July, tragedy struck when Caleb passed away; his brother broke the news on Facebook. Tammy later posted an emotional confirmation on Instagram and issued a statement to People Magazine. After Caleb’s funeral and burial, his remains were incinerated.

“They were best friends and were supporters of each other in the clinic,” a source close to Tammy told the publication. “[His death is] devastating for her.”

Tammy has been posting frequently on her social media sites, sharing with her followers touching condolences to Caleb days and weeks after his death, despite the fact that the couple’s relationship lasted only a few months.It has been said that Tammy has taken Caleb’s death particularly hard because she realizes that it “could have been herself.” According to a person close to Tammy, the two were good friends all the way through their attempts to lose weight, with Tammy saying, “I went through the same experience that Caleb did, and I wanted him to get better, but he just didn’t have a drive.”

Tammy Slaton is well-known for her part in the TLC reality show 1000-lb Sisters, which follows her and her sister Amy Slaton-Halterman as they reside in Dixon, Kentucky and try to lose weight and have bariatric surgery. According to a recent announcement made by Tammy, new episodes of the show will be aired in December, and they will feature video from her wedding with Caleb.

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