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What are the Revolax product alternatives?

The novelty from the Korean brand Southern Korean Fox Group International Company became a real sensation on the European market. Our eastern friends managed to develop products of top-quality at the most affordable prices. They have created a worthy competition to such worldwide famous brands as Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Profhilo, Saypha, and many others. Unfortunately, as this is not a European company, the Revolax manufacturer should get a CE mark to have a legal right to distribute its products in the European Union countries.

That is why many aesthetic doctors are looking for Revolax Fine, Revolax SUB-Q, and Revolax Deep; alternatives that would be of such great quality and still affordable in price. Let us figure it out!

What is Revolax dermal filler?

Actually, Revolax products are nothing revolutionary new if we are talking about the aesthetic medicine remedy. This is a viscous and transparent homogenous gel based on the synthetic hyaluronic acid of non-organic origin used to fight the signs of aging and define the facial features. The cross-linked HA in the filler provides easy and smooth distribution of the gel in the skin tissues, perfect bio combinability, minimal side effects, and excellent natural results. The Revolax family includes just 3 fillers. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Revolax FINE. The structure of this filler was specifically designed to eliminate minor skin imperfections in the tender areas like under the eyes or around the mouth. This is not a very viscous or dense gel that fights the first crow’s feet or laughter lines easily and smoothly, providing perfect natural and invisible outcomes for approximately nine or more months.

Revolax DEEP. The dense and viscous formula of the filler is perfect for plumping the skin tissues and providing additional volume. It makes it an excellent candidate for lip injections and lip augmentations. The filler stays in the skin tissues for twelve to eighteen months, during which the patient can enjoy beautiful and full lips. Moreover, the filler can be injected to fill in deeper wrinkles on the face like nasolabial folds or around the mouth.

Revolax SUB-Q. If you need filler injections for augmentation of such areas as cheeks, cheekbones, and chin, Revolax Sub-Q is a perfect choice. The gel is viscous and dense enough to restore sufficient volume of the skin tissues for a long time (from twelve to eighteen months). It can also easily eliminate profound and deep wrinkles like nasolabial folds for a youthful and beautiful appearance.

Revolax alternatives

The market offers dozens of quality fillers that could become a decent substitute for Revolax in your aesthetic medicine practice. However, to provide you with the brands that are competitive to Revolax in terms of composition, effects, safety, lasting in the skin tissues, and especially Revolax’s main advantage, the price, we suggest the following companies.

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