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How much each Premier League team won prize money in the 2022–23 season

All 20 Premier League teams are thought to have made more than £120 million, but getting into the Champions League is still the biggest incentive. Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham are counting the cost, while Arsenal, Manchester United, and Newcastle are reaping the benefits.

The Premier League season is over, and the 20 clubs will share more than £2.5bn in prize money and TV money. Champions Manchester City will get more than £160m for winning the first part of a possible treble, and even the worst team, Southampton, will get £100m for their terrible season.

The Premier League doesn’t release the exact numbers anymore, but each spot in the table is worth £2.2 million. The money made from broadcasting is almost split evenly, with teams that are shown live in the UK more often getting a slightly bigger piece of the pie.
All 20 clubs get the same base payment from TV rights, which was about £84m last season and will be even higher this season. Clubs then get extra money based on how often they are shown on local TV.

Chelsea and Liverpool will have lost the most by not getting into the Champions League. Playing in that tournament can add up to £100 million to a team’s earnings the next season.
If City becomes the second English team to win the treble, they will make almost £270 million.

If they beat Manchester United in the FA Cup final on Saturday at Wembley, they would get an extra £4 million. This seems like a small amount of money compared to what they could win in the other two events.

If they beat Inter Milan in the Champions League final, they will get another £95 million. However, they are already promised about £90 million just for making it to the final.

Chelsea will lose at least £70 million because they finished 12th and didn’t qualify for the European riches. Liverpool will lose £50 million for making it to the Europa League, and Tottenham will lose about the same amount for their disappointing season.

Arsenal, Manchester United, and Newcastle, on the other hand, will have more money if they move into the top four.

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